Michelle Forrest head shot

Michelle Forrest

Office Manager

Michelle is the administrative expert and supports the leadership team of Sus Clinicals.  In 2015, Michelle began supporting Weedman Ventures, LLC, through her company Twenty-Fifth Hour.  She assisted the Sus team from the onset of discussions that led to Sus Clinicals, LLC. In 2001, Michelle started her business Twenty-Fifth Hour– a company that aids people who do not have enough time to get things done. Among the tasks that she has mastered, she has assisted people administratively in their businesses, organized space, handled accounts payable/receivable, tax prep materials, research, work with contractors, and planning events. Prior to starting her business, Michelle has a background in Property Ownership/Management,  Hospitality Management, and Outside Sales. Aside from her husband and daughter, Michelle‚Äôs passion is her kitchen. Her success in the kitchen has led her to catering events for clients of Twenty-Fifth Hour.

Michelle received her B.A. from The Ohio State University in Organizational/Interpersonal Communication.