Accelerating life-saving cancer research

Sus Clinicals accelerates qualification of potentially life-saving cancer therapeutics through our proprietary pig-based preclinical testing services. In collaboration with top research institutions with large animal testing capability, our predictive model can better identify those drugs, diagnostics, and devices that have the highest potential for success in human clinical trials.

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Sus Clinicals (“Sus” rhymes with “moose”) is named for the genus of wild and domestic pigs (Sus scrofa). We make use of the remarkable similarity between pigs and humans to help our healthcare client partners develop breakthrough therapeutics more efficiently and more quickly, helping to save lives. Our proprietary large animal genome editing research platform is FDA-cleared and accelerates preclinical research. We aim to bridge the gap between fast but minimally predictive mouse-based testing and costly, time-consuming, and high-risk human clinical trials.

Our genetically-engineered Oncopig® enables testing of medical devices, diagnostics, and drugs to assess their efficacy and safety in humans by inducing relevant tumors and comorbidities on demand. Although our initial focus is on cancer, our porcine platform is well-suited to support work against a full spectrum of diseases in the future.

Let's bridge the gap between the mouse and the human.