Featured Sus Clinicals Events at SBR 2024

Experts from Sus Clinicals will attend the 8th Swine in Biomedical Research Conference taking place June 14-18, 2024 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Dr. Kyle Schachtschneider (Sus Clinicals VP of R&D and Services) and Dr. Larry Schook (Chief Scientific Officer) are co-chairing the upcoming Swine in Biomedical Research Conference (SBR 2024) alongside Dhanansayan (Dhanu) Shanmuganayagam and Adrienne Antonson.

The conference will take place June 14-18, 2024 at the lakeside University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since its inception in 1995, advances from the sequencing of the pig genome to the recent evolution of gene editing technologies have dramatically changed the landscape of porcine models. SBR 2022 welcomed a new era of translational research in pigs, that promises to accelerate the discovery and development of clinically relevant therapies and technologies. SBR 2024 will advance this mission and continue to foster collaborations between clinicians, biomedical researchers and animal scientists, and spark partnerships with the biomedical industry.

The planned sessions will:

  • Identify unmet clinical needs and existing gaps in research.
  • Showcase porcine models and reveal their strengths and limitations.
  • Highlight innovative use of models for tackling clinical problems.
  • Discuss novel tools for advancing biomedical swine research.
  • Explore the need for biomedical swine research facilities, resources and expertise.

For more information and to register, please visit www.sbr2024.org

Featured Sus Clinicals Events:
  • Sus Clinicals is sponsoring the Oncology Session on Saturday June 15th (1:30-3:15pm), co-chaired by Lobna Elkhadragy (UIC) and Jason Chiang (UCLA)
  • Kyle Schachtschneider is co-chairing the Developing New Porcine Tools Plenary Session on Sunday June 16th from 3:45-5:30pm
  • Larry Schook is co-chairing the Biomedical Minipigs Breakfast Session alongside Assela Bosch, Head of Commercial & Business Development at Specipig
  • Larry Schook is co-chairing the Regulatory Requirements for Building Domestic & Global Collaborations Breakfast Sessions alongside Lars Friis Mikkelsen, CEO of LarSolution
  • Daniel Blanco is presenting a poster titled “Impact of Immunosuppression on Oncopig Lung Tumor Growth and Regression” in the Reception & Poster Session (5:30-7:30pm Sunday June 16th)
  • Daniel Blanco received a DEI Travel Award for his abstract entitled “Impact of Immunosuppression on Oncopig Lung Tumor Growth and Regression”. In recognition of his achievement, he will present a 3-min Data Blitz talk in the DEI/ESI Research Plenary Session on Monday June 17th (3:45-5:30pm)
  • Evelyn Sambora is presenting an oral presentation titled “Development of an Oncopig Oral Immunosuppression Dosing Protocol” in the Drugs and Devices Session on Sunday June 16th (10:45-12:30pm)
  • Kyle Schachtschneider is presenting an oral presentation titled “Comparison of DNA methylation and transcriptional profiles between human and porcine biomedical models” in the One Health Session on Sunday June 16th (10:45-12:30pm)
  • Kyle Schachtschneider, Larry Schook, and Auro Nair will be participating as Mentors in the “Speed Mentoring” portion of the Building Community Mixer event on Saturday June 15th (5:30-7pm) to provide advice and guidance to trainees looking to advance their career in the field of porcine biomedical research
  • For a full agenda, please see the conference website

Sus Clinicals representatives will be available for discussions with attendees who may be interested in learning more about Oncopig-based capabilities. Please contact us to learn more.

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