Accelerating your medical discoveries with the future of animal models.

Sus Clinicals accelerates qualification of potentially life-saving cancer therapeutics through our proprietary pig-based preclinical testing services. In collaboration with top research institutions with large animal testing capability, our predictive model can better identify those drugs, diagnostics, and devices that have the highest potential for success in human clinical trials.

“At Sus Clinicals we have the expertise to help our healthcare partners qualify innovative treatments where cancer becomes a bump in the road, not the end of the road.”

-Jeff Weedman, CEO and Co-Founder

The Oncopig Model

The Oncopig Cancer Model is an inducible translational porcine model that develops clinically relevant tumors at defined locations and timepoints. The Oncopig Model provides an innovative translational tool for reliable and predictable testing of cancer-related diagnostics, devices and drugs, therefore bridging the gap from murine (mouse) to human testing.

About Sus Clinicals

Using a proprietary model of testing on genetically-modified pigs pioneered at the University of Illinois, Sus Clinicals leverages the inherent advantages of a patent-pending large animal testing methodology combined with novel clinical approaches to reduce false positives, model the interactions of multiple diseases, and accelerate progress toward human trials for the most promising therapies.

Preclinical Capabilities

The Oncopig model represents an ideal large animal translational cancer model for preclinical and co-clinical trials due to our ability to control the induction of tumors and comorbidities both spatially and temporally.

Let's bridge the gap between the mouse and the human.